Let’s build a house in Tuscany

   Boungiorno, Snaking grey highways disappearing into the rising sun. That was my view from the windscreen. Old olive trees dripping with ripe fruit. Neon green netting on the ground just waiting for someone to come and shake the tree. Harvest time. Hundreds of miles of citrus orchids. Heavy with bright orange balls. Sweet juicy […]

An Italian Adventure Begins with a Picnic

   Hallo blog, I had to google ‘how to find your blog from another device’. It was as easy as downloading the WordPress app. How cool is that.  Why? Because I want to tell you about my next adventure. And I haven’t seen you in months. And Facebook doesn’t tell the story behind the image. […]

Montenegro, Shaken not Stirred

Shaken not Stirred Here I am. A sultry summers day. Best served on the rocks. Shaken, not stirred and with a red-hot rendezvous. Sipping sweet and sticky turkish coffee at my favorite coffee bar in Porto Montenegro. This strange new world. Made famous by the James Bond movie, ‘Casino Royale’. A majestic backdrop echoes sunshine. […]

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